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Mpls academics receive student union teaching awards

Professor Tim Coulson from the Department of Zoology has been given the Outstanding Supervisor in MPLS award by Oxford University Students' Union at their annual Teaching Awards ceremony.

Professor Coulson said, ‘It is a great honour to be awarded this prestigious prize by Oxford University students. I was delighted and surprised in equal measure. I will continue to endeavour to support all my students as best I can’.

Dr Vicky Neale, winner of Most Acclaimed Lecturer in MPLS, said 'This is my first year in Oxford, and it's been a real pleasure to give a course for the first-year mathematicians. It was a lovely surprise to find that I had been nominated for this award. I am very fortunate to have such great students, and to be surrounded by colleagues who share my commitment to teaching'.

Professor Edward Anderson was winner of Outstanding Tutor in MPLS. He said, 'I was genuinely overwhelmed to have received nominations in three different categories – and not a little humbled by this level of support. It was great to receive such positive feedback, which if anything will only make me more enthusiastic about teaching! In winning the MPLS ‘Outstanding Tutor’ award I was really touched by the effort my students had gone to to put in the nomination – they are a hard-working group, and it is easy to teach in an encouraging manner when one sees this effort in their work. But overall, it is just great to feel that these three different aspects of my work in the University are all leading to students who are enjoying their learning experiences!'