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Packed with videos, animations and teaching resources, Oxford Sparks' new website launched today.

Oxford sparks launches new website

Packed with videos, animations and teaching resources, Oxford Sparks' new website launched today.

The project works with researchers to promote Oxford science to the public and provides teachers with resources to use in the classroom. Animations and podcasts appeal to young people and encourage their interest in science.

2015 is the International Year of Light and a new Oxford Sparks animation has been published this week to celebrate this.

Michaela Livingstone, Public Engagement Facilitator for Oxford Sparks, said, 'Oxford Sparks aims to share the University's amazing science with everyone, support teachers to enrich their science lessons, and support our researchers to get their stories out to the public. We hope everyone likes the new website!'

The Oxford Sparks project was created in 2011 by the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division in partnership with the Medical Sciences Division and Department of Continuing Education.