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The winners of Round 4 of the highly competitive Digging Into Data competition have just been announced by AHRC, ESRC and the Transatlantic Platform.

Oxford is leading one of 14 new collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects investigating questions in the humanities and social sciences using large-scale computational techniques. This is the fourth Digging into Data Challenge, funded by the Transatlantic Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities, of which AHRC and ESRC form a part with 14 other international research funders.

Oxford’s project is a 2 year, £566,000 collaboration between the e-Research Centre, the Bodleian and three major international partners, bringing together more than 500,000 Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts from key databases.

Mapping manuscript migrations: Digging into data for the history and provenance of pre-modern European manuscripts

UK principal investigator - Dr Toby Burrows, University of Oxford

Partner principal investigator - Professor Eero Hyvönen (Aalto University, Finland); Dr Lynn Ransom (University of Pennsylvania, USA); Dr Hanno Wijsman (Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes, France)

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