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Professor Ronald A. Roy, Statutory Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Department of Engineering Science, has been elected Vice President of the Acoustical Society of America. He currently holds the title of Vice President-Elect and will assume full office next May.

Professor Roy specialises in the application of physical acoustics principles to problems in biomedical imaging and therapy, industrial ultrasonics, underwater sound, and the acoustics of bubbles and bubbly media.

His previous positions include Professor and Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University (1966-2013), Senior Physicist and Research Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Washington (1991-1996), and Research Scientist at the National Centre for Physical acoustics (1988-1991).

Professor Roy said, 'The Acoustical Society of America has been my professional home for approximately 35 years. I have benefitted greatly from the outstanding mentors, colleagues, and students I have met at technical meetings and while engaged in ASA-based educational and administrative activities. I am honoured by this appointment and look forward to serving the Society and its members across the globe'.

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