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Professor Ursula Martin CBE, Senior Research Fellow in Computer Science at Wadham College, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). The RSE prides itself on the breadth of disciplines represented by its Fellowship, and she joins a select group of outstanding academics and celebrated professionals. 

Ursula Martin holds an EPSRC Fellowship in the Department of Computer Science and the Mathematics Institute. She joined Oxford in 2014 from Queen Mary University of London, where she served as Vice-Principal, having worked previously at the University of St Andrews as their first female professor in any discipline.  Her research in algebra, logic and computer science, in particular the deployment of novel logic software in defence applications, has led to many grants and industry collaborations.  Current research includes the empirical study of the practice of mathematics long term collaboration with Univerities of Edinburgh and Dundee), mathematics policy and the impact of mathematics, and the history of mathematics and computer science, in particular pioneering work on the mathematics of Ada Lovelace.

For the full story please see the Wadham College website.