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This week the Department of Earth Sciences is hosting 15 A Level students as part of the University's UNIQ Summer Schools. The students arrived on Saturday and spent a day finding out about the Oxford admissions process and what happens at interviews.

Throughout the week they are attending lectures each morning and spending the afternoons in practical sessions. Topics covered include oceanography, mountain-building, rock-forming minerals, volcanoes and climate change.

Holly is an undergraduate in the Department of Earth Sciences, and a UNIQ student mentor supporting the students attending the Summer School. She said, ‘I attended UNIQ two years ago. It was a very busy week! I found out a lot about earth sciences and it helped dispel the myths about what Oxford is like’.

Claire Grainger, Alumni Relations Officer in the Department of Earth Sciences, said, ‘Some students think that Oxford isn’t for them, so the UNIQ Summer School helps give them an insight into what Oxford is really like. They have the opportunity to spend time in a department and see that we have students from many backgrounds. What they all have in common is enquiring minds’.

The students are staying in Oxford colleges during the week so that they get an insight into college life.

The departments of Physics, Chemistry, Materials, Engineering Science, Computer Science, Zoology and Plant Sciences, and the Mathematical Institute have also participated in the Summer Schools.