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A wildlife extravaganza in oxford during june

Oxford Festival of Nature and the local Wildlife Trust’s ‘30 Days Wild’ are taking place during June. 

Oxford Festival of Nature is taking place during the first two weeks of June. Nearly every day the Museum of Natural History will be running an event for the public. The University’s wildlife haven Wytham Woods is offering a ‘Mammal Detectives’ event and there will be crayfish trapping in the University Parks.

The Museum has a live camera trained on its tower where swifts return from Africa every spring to nest. There are also swifts nesting under the rafters at the Department of Continuing Education. If you want to keep out of the rain at lunchtime you can watch the BBC Springwatch live cameras which also include a swift nesting box.

The Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trusts are running ‘30 Days Wild’ through June  so if you live further afield there are plenty of activities to participate in.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock