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Oxford Sparks are offering one research group the chance to make an animation with them for free...

Oxford sparks animation

Oxford Sparks is a public-facing online project that aims to bring alive the University's science research for wider public audiences. Through a diverse range of digital content and activities we:

  • Showcase and explain research
  • Show who researchers are and what they do
  • Provide a space to discuss and engage with research

They're offering one research group the chance to make an animation for free. Just fill out this simple form by 5pm Friday 17 November.

What's included?

Researchers will get the full Oxford Sparks treatment (see here), which includes: a two minute animation produced on their research in the Oxford Sparks style, a teaching resources pack designed for secondary science teachers related to the animation, and promotion of the animation via their social media channels (which could also include doing a Facebook live interview/event).

How does it work?

Read the this to get full details of the process.

This animation is currently scheduled to be produced starting April 2018, for completion by July 2018. A full schedule will be provided once details are confirmed.

Please note that if you would like to include any recruitment messages for a research study featured in the animation it will be your responsibility to ensure the appropriate ethics approval is obtained.

How do I apply?

Fill in this short form by 5pm Friday 17 November


Researchers based in departments within the MPLS or Medical Sciences Divisions at the University of Oxford are eligible. We see science as part of culture and society so many researchers from Social Sciences or the Humanities will be eligible - it just needs to be related to science. For example this could include the history of science or mathematics, archaeology, ethics in relation to medicine and technology, and lots more - if in doubt just get in touch.

At least one researcher at post-doctoral level or higher will need to commit to being a named lead contact throughout the process (see above) and you will need to have confirmation that your group leader is supportive. DPhil students and support staff can be involved in the process.

Selection criteria

A researcher/group will be selected by representatives from the Oxford Sparks Advisory Group based on how well they describe their research, their enthusiasm for the project and how they would use their animation in the future.

Apply by 5pm Friday 17 November