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Saskia Visser

Co-ordinator of the AI Popup Science Shop

Saskia has been a Science Shop Coordinator at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands for the past 10 years. She is currently in Oxford to establish a Science Shop in AI. Science Shops were founded in her country over 40 years ago and since then spread all over the world. The concept of a Science Shop is simple yet still innovative. It starts with questions and issues that arise from community or non-profit organisations/groups. These questions are matched to research by students. Within these small projects academic and practical knowledge is shared and co-created from start to finish, leaving all the participants with a clearer understanding of research and the world we are all living in.

Saskia is a linguist and was a teacher in Dutch language and communication in secondary schools, language centres, training institutes and in higher education institutes. She is very passionate about Science Shops and would like to show Oxford University that researchers can easily be inspired by learning from those outside academia.

Inspirational project from the Groningen Science Shops can be found on this website: