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We have a range of kit to help you do or record engagement activities - from video cameras and digital recorders, to branded gazebos, tables and tablecloths.

MPLS gazebo

Equipment available to loan is offered on a first come, first served basis. The list is below - click on the names to be taken to more information. To request a loan, please email Michaela Livingstone-Banks. Include what you want, when you want it, and for how long. If you're not sure what you want, get in touch and let us know what the event is and we can advise.

We are also happy to provide the generic brand design files for t-shirts, banners, table cloths and gazebos.

What's missing? If there's any equipment you think we should have available, let us know.

Stall kit

Digital media kit

Branded Gazebos

We have two 3x3m branded gazebos, which are suitable for outdoor events. The branding is appropriate for any STEM research across MPLS and MSD departments, each side has a different colour and main icon. These are very quick and easy to put up, taking 5-10 minutes and requires two people. You just pull the frame outward, cover and adjust the height. They also come with pegs and ropes. We do also have sandbags available if you are putting them up on paving or concrete. The frames weigh 24 Kg so you will need a car to pick these up.

MPLS gazeboMPLS gazebo

Unbranded domed event shelters

These domed event shelters are good for informal outdoor events. They are 3x3m wide, and are easy enough to put up - it takes around 20 minutes with two people. They come with pegs, and we also have sandbags if you're on hard-standing. They also come with walls so you can protect you and your activities against sun, rain and wind.

Domed event shelter

Domed event shelters in use at an event

Trestle Tables

We have four 6ft long, plastic top trestle tables. These fold in half, and have carry handles so are easy enough to carry.

Trestle table

Branded tablecloths

We had two University-branded table cloths, that are large enough to cover a standard 6ft trestle table. They are Oxford Blue with the rectangle University logo to the front.


Digital audio recorders

We have a number of  Zoom H1 recorders, one Zoom H6 and one Roland R26 recorder. Because of demand, we usually only loan these out for two weeks at a time, and occasionally there is a waiting list.

H1 Zoom recorders are very simple and easy to use - they can capture good quality audio, and are particularly good for one-on-one interviews.

H1 Zoom recorder

Roland R26 and H6 Zoom recorders are a slightly more advanced recorder that allows you to control various settings more closely,  and has the ability to use a variety of microphones as input, so are better to use if you're looking to capture multiple inputs. Because you can plug in via XLR cables, it is also possible to plug in to AV systems, e.g., to capture good quality audio from talks for example. They are still relatively easy to use - particularly when just using the inbuilt microphone and captures perfectly good audio.

Roland R26 recorderZoom H6


We have a variety of microphones, including lapel mics (wired and wireless), cardiod mics (the kind you would recognise as a mic) as well as a condensing mic, and others. They have a range of input types and work with different devices. We also have a pop-shield. Please tell us what your requirements are and we will figure out what is most suitable.


Video cameras

We have several cameras to choose from: DSLR, a basic handycam, professional, broadcast quality camcers and a camera specifically designed for live streaming. We also have a range of tripods and microphones. We can provide basic support for those not producing content for Oxford Sparks, so if you want to take the DIY approach then just get in touch to book.


We have two cameras, these can record video for 20 minutes at a time - this is a built-in limit, common to many DSLRs, and so is only appropriate if you are capturing short activities or vox pops. As a DSLR you can either use on auto mode or you can alter settings to achieve finer control over what you capture. This camera is best for still image photography.

DSLR camera

Sony Handycam

This captures normal HD and saves on to a SD card, and can capture long-form video. It has a monitor you can flip around (handy if you're filming yourself and want a monitor). You can also set up WiFi for easier sharing of files. It's very lightweight and easy to use. You can plug in microphones with a 3.1mm jack.

Sony Handycam

Canon XF200 / Sony XDCam

These are professional, broadcast quality cameras that have many bells and whistles. They captures HD video (Sony XDCam up to 4k) and can save on to both SD cards and Compact Flash (CF) cards. It has multiple ways of inputting audio, including up to four channel input, including from XLR cables (meaning you can also plug it into AV systems). When using on full-auto mode it's easy enough to use, but if you need to change anything it can be a bit fiddly. We don't tend to lend this camera out without supervision, so is subject to availability of staff.

Canon XF200 cameraXDCam

Blackmagic Web Presenter Panel

This box turns SDI and HDMI outputs (from multiple camera sources for example) into a USB output so that it appears as a webcam, so can allow you to create more high-quality and professional live streams, e.g., for Facebook and YouTube Live streams. We also have an add-on to allow switching between sources (i.e., to show a holding screen or include other videos within live streams). Training will be required.

Blackmagic web presenter


Mevo Livestream camera

This camera is specially designed for live streaming - you use it with an app and connect directly to Facebook LIVE or Livestream services. Its output is HD and the app allows you control zoom, create virtual cameras and so on. It can work over your mobile's data connection, or requires either a reliable WiFi signal, or can be used with the 'booster', which provides greater battery life and allows you to plug in a network cable. It can sometimes require a bit of fiddling and 'permission' to be used over networks so it's a good idea to borrow it and try it out in your desired location before you use it for the real thing. You may require IT support from you venue to allow you to connect to their network and access the internet.

Mevo Livestream camera