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Royal Society of Biology are inviting nominations for these awards, which recognise excellence in outreach and engagement in the biosciences by researchers. There are 'leadership' and 'new researcher' categories, each comes with a cash prize.

The Outreach and Engagement Award is intended to acknowledge and reward outreach work carried out by researchers who inform, enthuse and engage the public with their research.

The Award rewards researchers who:

  • Demonstrate good quality science to a range of non-academic audiences in engaging ways that are likely to foster a lasting interest in biology.
  • Commit to outreach over a period of time, involving a wide variety of activities.
  • Champion outreach and engagement within their department and beyond their organisation.

There are two categories of Award:

New Researcher - Nomination Form

This category is open to bioscience researchers currently reading for a Masters/PhD or in the first year of a post-doctoral position.

Leadership in Outreach and Engagement - Nomination Form

This category is open to bioscience researchers who are beyond the first stages of their research career, as defined in the New Researcher category.


Nominations from others and self-nominations are welcome.


The deadline for nomination forms is 23:59 BST on Friday 1st July 2022.


Click here for full details and to nominate