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Come along to this talk from the expert animation studio behind a plethora of research animations to find out more about using animation to communicate your research.

More and more researchers are taking a creative leap and using animation and illustration to share their findings and engage new audiences. Whether exploring hidden worlds, communicating abstract ideas or trying to explain a complex topic.

But where to start?

Come along to this session to hear from the team at Scriberia, the creative animation studio behind a raft of award winning research animations, including over 30 with Oxford Sparks and Oxford researchers.

The session will take place Tues 29 November, 2-3pm, in the Computer Sciences Lecture Theatre (Parks Road).

You’ll get an insight into what animation is used for, how it increases learning and engagement, the key components of excellent research animations, and what to expect from working with creative professionals.

Click here to register for the event 



Dan Porter is co-founder of Scriberia. For the past 15 years he has worked at the interface of creativity and business, establishing one of the world’s first specialist visual thinking agencies. He is co-author of How to Draw Anything (Quercus Books, 2017) and co-presenter of Sketchnoting 101: Drawing as a Communication Tool on the global online learning platform Domestika.

Prior to founding Scriberia, Dan was a writer, curator and exhibition designer for art museums in Denmark, Luxembourg and the UK. He won a BAFTA for his digital interpretation work at Tate Modern. But realising he had an even greater passion for ‘art that works’ than ‘works of art’, Dan shifted his focus to bringing the power of visual thinking into everyday work settings.


Tom Sparkes is Account Manager and Client Relations at Scriberia. Tom studied Marketing at Bournemouth University which included a one year placement at a strategic marketing agency, where he started to discover his passion for client relations. Prior to joining Scriberia in July this year, Tom spent seven years working in events where he managed complex briefs and large teams to deliver best in class in-person, virtual and hybrid events. 

Tom is a visual learner who is curious about how to effectively communicate complex ideas within organisations and with new audiences. He enjoys collaborating with his client teams to help them achieve their objectives.

Watch some of Scriberia's work: