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EPSRC is offering up to £200k for three years (including time buyout and activity costs) to support the development, delivery and evaluation of public engagement for a research within their information and communication technology portfolio area, and to encourage public engagement within their organisation and wider community.

Apply to become an EPSRC Public Engagement Champion. This initiative aims to encourage the development of a research culture that inspires the public, attracts people to STEM careers and values interaction with the public in all stages of the research process.

This funding opportunity provides bespoke support to EPSRC researchers from the field of ICT to undertake public engagement activities alongside their core research.

Applicants must be active researchers in research areas within the remit of the EPSRC ICT theme, with a particular emphasis on:

  • technological aspects of ICT
  • advancing digital skills for different generations of people.

Applicants are expected to be able to demonstrate a track record in public engagement.

Proposals submitted through this funding opportunity must clearly focus around the remit and strategy of EPSRC’s ICT theme.

There is funding to support up to 10 public engagement champions. Awards are expected to be in the range of £100,000 to £200,000 at 80% full economic cost, between 0.2 to 0.5 full time equivalent for 24 to 36 months.

Funds can be spent on staff time (e.g., administrators and PER specialist staff), training, communications, venue, activity costs, overheads, consumables and travel expenses.

Activities can, for example, include: Advocacy, EDI-focussed work, engagement with communities of place, and there's a particular interest in those underserved by the ICT sector.

The champion will also be expected to act as advocates and leaders for engagement within their organisations, their professional community and wider sectors. This may include:

  • raising the profile of public engagement
  • championing best practice
  • influencing and driving culture change
  • strengthening capacity, networks and skills.

The application deadline is 4pm on 4 November.

If you're interested, please get in touch with Michaela Livingstone-Banks, who will be happy to provide guidance and support.

Full details and application