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The Royal Society provides between £500 and £10,000 for Royal Society Research Fellows to create and lead public engagement projects.

The scheme is designed to support Royal Society-funded scientists to undertake public engagement projects based on their research, and to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of researchers.

Funding is available for any public engagement activity designed for a non-scientific, public audience (i.e., outside your institution).

Projects should have clear aims, target specific audiences and provide an opportunity for open dialogue and two-way communication between scientific researchers and the project’s target audience.

They are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Reach people that are currently underrepresented in the Society’s public engagement work, including: those without a science degree, those from geographically remote locations, those from culturally and demographically diverse backgrounds, including BAME and low-income backgrounds
  • Encourage collaboration between science and the arts
  • Enable possibilities for digital engagement, either as a main feature or as part of a contingency plan

They welcome applications working with children and school groups, but are particularly interested in projects that target wider age groups and demographics and collaborate with local creatives and organisations such as artists, writers, libraries, arts and community organisations.

If you're interested in working with school groups to inspire around a STEM field in general, you may be interested in the Royal Society's Partnership Grants.

Previous recipients of the Public Engagement Fund may also be eligible to apply for the Public Engagement Fund Extension scheme (PDF).

Full details and application