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Back by popular demand, Oxford Sparks are offering one research group the chance to make an animation with them - for free.

You'll get the full Oxford Sparks treatment, which includes: a two minute animation produced on your research in the Oxford Sparks style, a teaching resources pack designed for secondary science teachers related to the animation, and promotion of the animation via social media channels (which could also include doing a Facebook live interview/event) – all fully managed according to their tried and tested process.

Last year’s competition saw two winners:

“[The] animation for the Meter project is an incredibly beautiful piece of work. Everybody loves it and it has been super successful in recruiting participants for the study.”
- Dr Phil Grunewald, Power People

“You were very patient in accommodating all our requests for changes and getting it just right for us. We are all very pleased with it! What I particularly appreciated was how generous you were with your time and expertise in working with my DPhil student and RA … I found the process very smooth and not at all burdensome!”

- Prof E.J. Milner-Gulland, Conserving Nature

Researchers whose work is science or science-related are eligible to apply – that means all researchers in MPLS and Medical Science Divisions, plus many researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences.


For full information and application   

Deadline to apply is Friday 16 Nov, 5pm.

Contact Kirsty Heber-Smith with any questions.