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October 2019 to September 2020 is a milestone year for the Royal Society of Biology (RSB). It marks the organisation’s 10th anniversary and 40 years of being granted a Royal Charter and will be celebrated with a suite of exciting new events and initiatives.

Big Biology Days are a one-day science festival, bringing together a variety of biological organisations under one roof to celebrate the life sciences by engaging the general public with an array of hands-on activities, displays and talks.

These are becoming a more and more popular option for those wanting to get involved in outreach as an opportunity to share their passion for biology and the natural world, regardless of scientific background. During the Royal Society of Biology's anniversary year, they are offering 10 grants of up to £500 to members to run your own Big Biology Day in your local area.

You are expected to provide a proposal for your event, including target audience(s) and how you plan to evaluate your activities.

They have created an Event Guide to help spark ideas and support planning.

The deadline for grant application is midday on Friday 28 Feb.

Full information and application