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BIG (formally known as the British Interactive Group) are hosting a skills day 1 June 2018 at the Royal Institution, London as part of their aim to support excellence in science communication.

Diversity can mean lots of different things to different people including representation, accessibility, inclusion and more. It is increasingly being talking about within science, and science communication. 

During this day, we will discuss different areas of diversity, and how we can all make our events, activities and organisations more inclusive, accessible and representative. Topics will include:

  • How we can make activities and events more accessible
  • How we can monitor and evaluate diversity in projects 
  • How we can feel more comfortable talking about diversity in different settings 

This Skills Day aims to better equip everyone to think about diversity within science communication. It will be particularly relevant to those working in or with organisations such as universities, museums and festivals but anyone wanted to improve their approach to diversity will benefit. 

Cost of attending is £45 for BIG members including lunch and coffee. Non members will need to join BIG first at an annual cost of £30 and then come back to register for the day as a member.

To find out more or to register for the day visit their website.

Formerly known as the British Interactive Group, BIG is a not-for-profit organisation for all people involved in informal science communication activities and hands-on education projects in the UK.