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The BAP Public Communication Prizes are awarded annually to reward excellence in both clinical and non-clinical science communication to the public in the area of psychopharmacology.

There are two prizes of £200, one for Training Members and one for Early Career/Full Members. Applications should be made by individuals who have contributed to public engagement during the preceding year and should include a short curriculum vitae and summary of contribution, with hyperlinks where appropriate. Applications are reviewed by a panel of BAP Council members. The awards are presented at the conference dinner at the annual Summer Meeting.

Examples of appropriate contributions are:

  • Articles for the public posted on the BAP website
  • Blog activity (psychopharmacology content)
  • Contributions to science festivals and other public events
  • Magazine or web-based articles
  • Television appearances
  • Radio programmes / podcasts

* In line with the BAP aims

Deadline: 31 May

For more information, including previous winners, and to apply visit the BAP website.