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The BNA Festivals of Neuroscience includes activities designed to share the excitement, knowledge, and latest research in neuroscience with people who wouldn't normally attend a scientific conference - i.e. anyone who isn't a neuroscientist. If you have an existing activity or idea you can suggest it as part of their public programme.

The public programme of events for BNA2021 will take place Tuesday 20th - Saturday 24th April 2021, the week after the main scientific conference.

They are looking for a range of activities that will facilitate sharing of neuroscience with the wider public, in creative and accessible ways: to get an idea of previous events, please see the ones that featured at the BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience.

The 2021 Festival will take place online. 

Deadline for proposals: 11:59 GMT 20th January 2021 

The BNA will be able to provide use of their Zoom Webinar Pro licence to host online events, assist with any registration required for such events, and will promote the activity as part of the BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience. 

Any additional costs will have to be met by the proposer. 

Full details and to submit a proposal