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Every year the British Science Association asks for applications for the seven Award Lectureships available to early career academics who are skilled at engaging people with their research. These Award Lectures aim to promote open and informed discussion of science and related disciplines.

The British Science Association has been rewarding promising early career scientists for over 30 years, many of whom are now successful science communicators. Previous Award Lecturers include Brian CoxRichard Wiseman and Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

The Award Lectures aim to promote open and informed discussion on issues involving science and actively encourage early career scientists to explore the social aspects of their research. The applicants should be active, early career researchers who are skilled at communicating their research to the wider public.

Awards are available in seven different areas and seek to highlight the interdisciplinarity of science, research and innovation:

  • Social sciences

  • Engineering, technology and industry 

  • Environmental sciences

  • Agricultural, biological and medical sciences

  • Physical sciences and mathematics

  • Digital innovation

  • Science and the arts

They should be available to present their Award Lecture during the British Science Festival which will be held in Exeter from Thursday 7 – Sunday 10 September 2023, hosted by the University of Exeter.

The selected Award Lecturers will receive a £250 honorarium, public engagement training, as well as travel to and accommodation for the duration of the Festival.

You'll find info on what it's like to do the lecture in the form of blogs from previous lecturers, plus a helpful FAQ on their website, linked below.

Deadline for applications is 9am (GMT) on 23 January 2023.

Click here for full details and to submit an application