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If you have an idea for an outreach event or activity and are looking for some additional funds to help make it a success, you can apply for up to £500 towards event costs. We look to fund a wide range of public engagement and outreach events and activities. We are keen to support people who are experienced in event delivery, people hoping to organise their first event, and everyone in between.

The aim of the grant scheme is to support outreach and engagement events and activities that look to be creative, impactful, and suited for audiences or based in locations that may have otherwise limited opportunities to engage with bioscience topics or concepts.

  • Small Grants up to £200
  • Full Grants £201 - £500

RSB are happy to part fund events or activities so long as additional funds have been secured before you make your application with them, and that this is disclosed in the application.

Applications can be submitted from 18 March,the deadline to apply for is 29 April.

Full details and to apply

Successful events or activities should aim to achieve as many as the below objectives as possible:

  • increase the understanding of, and engagement with, the biological sciences
  • increase the accessibility of the biosciences to those who do not work in the field
  • engage audiences with current developments in biology that are relevant to their everyday lives
  • reach out to audiences that do not have as frequent opportunities to increase their science capital
  • tackle the stereotypes and preconceptions of those working in the biosciences

Applications will be scored against five assessment criteria:

  • Engagement: how impactful the event or activity will be with the target audience
  • Proposal: a clear well-presented idea with a good chance of success
  • Science: how impactful, novel and relevant the conveyed bioscience topics are
  • Novelty: an innovative or creative approach to activity or event delivery
  • Budget: a clearly costed and realistic budget providing good value for money

Examples of where funds might be used

  • Promotion, publicity and marketing materials (banners, posters, fliers, design and printing costs)
  • Room, equipment and facility hire
  • Equipment and resources to increase capacity to deliver an event or activities (projectors, lab equipment, microscopes, reference books & guides etc.)
  • Speaker or presenter costs
  • Travel costs