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The British Science Association is working to make connections between researchers and community organisations. Find out how to get involved and also more about their approach to community engagement. They're looking for connections with a group in the Banbury area.

Read the original post on the British Science Association's website

Over the last five years the British Science Association has been building a programme of community science engagement, which has, amongst other things, involved providing grants to community organisations to allow them to develop science engagement on their terms, based on their needs, interests, etc.

However, they've noted that these organisations don't often have access to researchers, so they're for researchers to get in touch who would be interested in collaborating with these groups to contribute to their engagement activities.

"This is about having access to each other and seeing what that conversation will bring. Perhaps you will go and speak to the group about your work, perhaps you will apply for funding together to develop an idea that you’ve had jointly, perhaps you will learn more about the challenges each of you face which will help guide your work in the future.

The outcome is up to you, but nothing can happen if you don’t know about each other in the first place. Then in March we’ll bring everyone together to a meeting in London where you can share your experiences and learn further from other researchers and Community Leaders."

One of the areas that they're looking to make a connection is Banbury - not too far from us.

Take a read of the site and get in touch via the email they provide.

Read the original post on the British Science Association's website