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NERC are offering up to £30k to support partnerships that engage members of the public with climate change research and related societal issues through art.

The ‘creative climate connections: COP26 environmental science public engagement’ funding aims to create positive change for the members of the public and other collaborators by engaging under-represented groups with NERC-funded climate change research (adaptation and mitigation) and related societal issues through the arts.

Your project must:

  • take an arts-based approach to engagement
  • engage groups with lived experience of climate change or under-represented in climate change conversations
  • focus on climate change research.

Your team must include at least:

  • an environmental science researcher within NERC’s remit
  • an artist or creative
  • a person representing a UK community organisation or a public-facing group.

You can request:

  • up to £30,000 per partnership
  • funding to set up more than one partnership.

NERC has launched a collaboration finder for the ‘creative climate connections’ funding opportunity. It takes the form of a short survey that aims to help researchers, artists, public and community collaborators and others interested in developing a proposal for submission to the ‘creative climate connections‘ funding opportunity to find and contact potential collaborators and project partners.

Plus there's loads of guidance on setting up equitable partnerships and examples of all aspects of quality projects via the funding information page.

All applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • their potential to achieve the objectives listed in the ‘What we’re looking for’ section
  • the application demonstrates plans for high quality public engagement, including:
    • purpose: a clear, well-justified and proportionate vision and purpose for the project, responding to a need, with clearly defined desired outcomes
    • process: clear plans for delivery of the project
    • people: justification for who will be a beneficiaries of the project (for example,which public group (s), professionals, researchers), what the need is and why the chosen approach is taken
  • the project is well planned, researched and managed, allowing for a diversity of relevant perspectives to feed into plans, and has a clear approach to monitoring, evaluation and legacy (for example, how resources will be shared and partnerships sustained)
  • the project follows principles of best practice around building equitable partnerships
  • the project compliments and contributes to the NERC responsible business statement (please see ‘Additional information’ for requirements around this).

Deadline for applications is 4pm BST on 19 August.

Full details and application