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The Engage Conference from the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement is taking place online from 1-2 December with the theme 'shaping ideas for change'.

The Engage Conference will be online on the 1st and 2nd December 2021

This year NCCPE are calling on the engagement community to join them in shaping ideas for change, helping them to reframe the role of public engagement in the future of higher education and society.

During the conference, you will reflect on the issues the sector has collectively faced over the last 18 months - how the pandemic, tragedies, inequalities, movements and grass-roots activism of the last 18 months has disrupted the knowledge sectors significantly, but also opened up new opportunities to learn and re-focus the role of universities.

As well as a mix of inspirational plenaries, interactive workshops and networking opportunities, they are running the Engage ‘Unconference’ for the first time – a plethora of activities, bringing our community together in the weeks leading up to Engage to workshop ideas for change and share practice.  


The programme hasn't been released yet but you can expect:

  • Time to explore a topic thoroughly, and explore actions that can be taken as a consequence of the discussions.
  • The opportunity to learn from a diversity of practices, including things that haven’t gone so well.
  • A chance to sit back and listen to provocative speakers, whose insights provide opportunities for reflection and new thinking. Join in by asking questions, or sit back and enjoy hearing what others are asking.
  • Networking with new and old colleagues in a relaxed and informal way.
  • A chance to share your work in the exhibition.

Tickets costs £75 (plus VAT) for their PEP network members or £95 (plus VAT) early bird rate (unclear when that ends).

Full details and book