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EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funding provides support for activities that will help to accelerate the impact from research that falls within the EPSRC remit. This is includes activities with public stakeholders, such as end-users or those likely to be affected by or able to enhance research impact.

If you're working in an area that falls within the EPSRC remit, did you know that you can apply for impact acceleration funding through the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)?

This is funding that is managed by the university, and is offered through four categories:

  • Partnerships
  • Impact fund / technology fund
  • Doctoral Impact Scheme
  • Impact workshops

Each scheme has different guidance for the duration and level of typical funding provided so please read the full guidance to identify which scheme will be most appropriate.

If working with public stakeholders would help you shape or realise potential impacts related to your research then you may be able to apply to one of these IAA funds to undertake public engagement with research activities.

This could include anything from exploring potential impacts for relevant stakeholders through workshops or developing partnerships, sharing knowledge, expertise and practice, consulting publics to refine or test out potential research impact outputs, or collaborating with relevant public stakeholders to inform and shape those impact outputs at an early stage.

The deadline to apply for this funding is 6 October.


Click here to read the full guidance 


If you would like to discuss an idea for guidance or support please get in touch.