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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, under the Research Councils UK digital economy theme, invites submissions for its telling tales of engagement competition. This aims to help capture the wider impact of digital economy research and to provide researchers with the opportunity to tell their story of research impact in an interesting and engaging way to a wider audience. Submissions must be associated to a previously funded grant under the digital economy theme, telling the tale of how this research grant’s impact arose and capture elements of any engagement with partners. The aims of this competition are the following:

  • capturing the impact and benefits that the digital economy theme’s research is having, how this impact unfolded and what benefits for society and economy have been deliverer from the research;
  • telling a tale that describes how the impact pathway unfolded in order to help the wider research community learn examples of best practice from the experiences of how impact can really occur and how to engage with any partners;
  • engaging the public with the research in order to show how the benefits of the research help make a contribution to various challenges.

Projects must be associated with a research grant supported by one of the digital economy theme partners – the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council or Arts and the Humanities Research Council. Applications are open to teams and individuals. Researchers from all academic career stages, industry users and the third sector may apply. Only one application for a telling the tales award is accepted per digital economy research grant funding.

Three awards, worth £10,000 each over 18 months, are available.


Deadline is 12 Dec.


More information and application