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The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, under the Research Councils UK digital economy theme, invites submissions for its telling tales of engagement competition. This aims to capture and promote the impact of research council funded digital economy research is having, and enables researchers to further tell the story of research impact in an interesting and engaging way to a wider audience. Proposals should aim to: tell stories that describe how the candidate’s pathway genuinely unfolded, helping the wider research community and public understand how impact really occurs and what benefits have been delivered from the research; explain how the candidate will use the prize, to engage the public with their research, and show how benefits of the research help make a contribution to various challenges and to help address the RCUK’s equality, diversity and inclusion agenda. Entries must address the following questions:

•what the research challenge or project is;

•what the research outputs were;

•what the impact of the outputs was and who or what did it have impact upon;

•what changed positively as a result of the research and how this change happened;

•how the story of the impact and public engagement will be told;

• which sections of society or members of the public are sought to engage with utilising the prize funding and for what purpose;

•how the public will be creatively and meaningfully engaged with for mutual benefit;

•how the public engagement will contribute to the development of your research and its impact.

Full information and to apply


Researchers who have previously received funding from the RCUK digital economy theme or aligned funding from the EPSRC, AHRC or ESRC for research or research training relevant to digital economy may apply. Applicants should be employed or registered at a UK HEI. Teams of researchers may apply. Applicants not eligible for direct EPSRC grant funding, such as PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, may apply with an eligible advisor who has previously received a digital economy research grant. Advisors are also required from users in the third sector.

Three awards of £10,000 are available. The maximum project duration is 18 months. Supported activities include video or podcast production, outreach activities to schools, public lecture series, community events, artistic interpretation, specialised media training or attendance at a high profile, non-academic focused conference.