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Dr Eric Jensen provides online training that includes a live session and online training module and more to take you through practical guidance on how to develop high-quality impact evaluations.

This course introduces how, why and when to use surveys for evaluation and how to avoid common pitfalls in survey design. It addresses the following:

  • Why use surveys for evaluation
  • When you shouldn’t use surveys for evaluation.
  • How to develop a “good” survey question and response options.
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in survey design: How to spot a bad survey question and response options.
  • Using open-ended questions in your survey.
  • Using online, iPad-based and automated surveys.
  • Pilot testing your survey.

During the three hour workshop, you will be able to draft and develop your impact evaluation approach and start preparing survey questions in a supportive setting with guidance from expert trainers.

Brief refresher presentations about impact evaluation principles and techniques will be part of the session. Bring your specific impact survey-related concerns and challenges, so that they can be addressed in the live session.

The live online workshops are available on 5 May 2022, 2-5pm or 1 December 2022,1-4pm.

You will be able to access this self-paced online course on your own schedule to supplement and extend your learning from the live workshop.

Registration also includes access to additional reading materials and examples and templates.

This course has been developed by Dr Eric Jensen, an internationally-recognised social scientist specialising in methods for evaluating impact in informal learning and public engagement contexts.

The cost of the course is €149.00 for university staff.