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*** The closing date for this opportunity has been extended. The previous deadline of 20 February has been extended to 5 March 2020. All other call details remain unchanged. ***

The Science and Technology Facilities Council invites applications for its public engagement legacy awards. These enable STFC grant-funded public engagement programmes to continue to grow and evolve over time based on learning and evaluation. Proposals should be linked to the original grant and must focus around the remit of the STFC science programme or clearly align to the science and technology work of STFC’s national and international laboratories and facilities. Support may also be used for a continuation of activities that are dedicated to developing community networks or capacity building in public engagement.

The principal applicant must be eligible to apply on behalf of the organisation, which must be based in the UK. The applicant or their organisation must have held a previous STFC public engagement spark, nucleus, small or large award, which must have ended fewer than three years before the current award. Applicants may apply for a legacy award for a previous award that is still active at the time of application. In these instances, the proposed award cannot have a start date any earlier than the current end date of the original award. Applications must include a researcher in an STFC-funded area of science or technology and applicants must demonstrate both the success of their original engagement programme, and evidence that success via good-quality evaluation. The target audience must be primarily UK residents. Up to two legacy awards from a single original grant may be supported.

Funding covers 50 per cent of the full economic costs, worth up to £50,000, for first-time awardees, and up to 25 per cent of the full economic costs, worth up to £25,000, for second-time awardees. Funding lasts for up to three years and may be used for salaries, materials, equipment up to £10,000, travel and subsistence. Co-funding must have been secured from project partners before submitting the application.

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