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The ORION Open Science project has developed a brand new live course for life sciences and biomedical researchers that will start on 21 October 2019. The ORION MOOC for Open Science in the Life Sciences helps scientists share their research with the world more effectively. 

Easily digestible modules will explore different aspects of Open Science and allow life sciences researchers to gain an ‘Open Science Expert’ Certificate, with prizes for the most active participants. Researchers will learn online with many interactive elements and loads of multimedia content. Each week will have a specific focus and give an insight to the different aspects of Open Science.

Modules will include:

  • Open Access and Publishing
  • Research Data Management and FAIR Data
  • Science Communication and Public Engagement

These modules only require 90–120 mins per week but will enable scientists to become more effective, confident, and skilled researchers. The course will run for 6 weeks.

Apply by 18 October 2019


Full information and enrollment