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These workshops, from Social Sciences Engagement and Impact team in collaboration with the OPEN team, have been designed for researchers and professional services staff in any Division to help you explore how stakeholder analysis can contribute to more effective engagement with the policymaking community, and to hone your skills

New policy engagement stakeholder mapping workshops

Policy engagement is all about relationships: investing in them, maintaining them and, from time to time, ending them. It’s often about building broader interest groups or coalitions, too. Identifying the people who care about your project, thinking about why they care, as well as planning and tracking your relationship with them, is key to effective engagement, to learning and adapting as you go, and to being able to account for how outcomes occur.

If you’re a researcher at Oxford, or member of professional services staff, keen to find out how stakeholder analysis can contribute to more effective engagement with the policymaking community, and to hone your skills, here’s your chance!

The Social Sciences Division's Research, Impact and Engagement Team are teaming up with the University-wide Policy Engagement Team to offer two new workshop opportunities in the New Year. Attendees will come away with

  • a better understanding of the value of systematic stakeholder analysis and
  • the guidance and resources available to support stakeholder analysis; and 
  • a greater ability to identify, evaluate, and prioritise those in the policymaking community who may have an interest in policy-relevant research. 

Each workshop focuses on a broad policy area, but is intended to be useful to those interested in other policy areas, too.

  • Workshop 1: Migration policy - 11 January 2023, 13:30-15:30, at the Oxford Martin School – focused on migration policy.
  • Workshop 2: Health policy - 8 February 2023, 13:30-15:30, at the Big Data Institute – focused on health policy.

Click here for full details and to register