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The Alzheimer's Society's new dissemination grants scheme provides funding to support the sharing of research knowledge and material beyond researcher’s own peer groups. It encourages researchers to communicate and engage with people who may be helped and supported by the outcomes of their research.

Grants are available up to £2,500.

Target audiences may include people affected by dementia, professional carers and care home staff; clinicians, nurses, psychologists and other allied health professions; as well as NHS employees, managers, commissioners and policy makers. 

The aim of these grants is to encourage people to understand how research outcomes can improve their work or lives, and how the research findings could be used in future practice and help people affected by dementia

Alzheimer’s Society welcomes creative dissemination ideas. Examples of dissemination activities may include:

  • public engagement workshops;
  • cross-disciplinary conferences eg. across clinical, social and biomedical research fields and/or involvement of people affected by dementia in the development or delivery of conferences;
  • artistic exhibits, performances or festivals;
  • adapting materials for different audiences;
  • interactive technologies, databases and audio-visual products;
  • media events (such as interviews, or television or radio presentations) or written articles in newspapers or weekly or monthly magazines;
  • software or NetWare;
  • educational aids, instruments or equipment;
  • virtual networking and interactions.

Please note the following activities are not eligible for this scheme: conference attendance; journal publications; and apps designed for people affected by dementia that are not research-focused.

For more details and to apply, visit the Alzheimer's Society's website.

This is a recurring scheme that has deadlines in November and August.