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The Society is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion, and thereby welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds. Applications that consider how to involve audiences from a range of different backgrounds (particularly those that are traditionally hard-to-reach) are encouraged.

What will be funded?

Outreach grants of up to £20,000 are available to both Members and non-Members of The Society. The grants should be used to increase understanding and awareness of physiology with the aim of engaging study at higher education and beyond, and to promote The Society, its vision and its activities. They encourage collaborative applications, including those between expert science communicators, facilitators of public engagement, artists, musicians, thespians and our Members. 

The Application process 

Please note that all applicants are required to fill in the same initial application form regardless of the size of the grant being applied for.

Grants of up to £500:

Applications will be considered on an ad hoc basis throughout the year and applicants will usually be notified of the outcome of their application by the end of the month following the submission date e.g. applicants submitting in January will be notified of the outcome by the end of February.

Grants of >£500:

31 January 2019: Deadline for applications

11 February 2019: Shortlisted applicants will be notified and asked to complete a stage two application form

11 March 2019: Deadline for stage two applications

Start of April 2019: Applicants may be invited to interview

Mid-April 2019: Interviews

End of April 2019: Final decisions sent out


How to make your application competitive

Meet one of the following aims:

  1. To increase understanding and awareness of physiology amongst the non-expert public.
  2. To increase awareness of the opportunities available to those who pursue physiology in their education.
  3. To increase engagement with physiology research.

Where possible, applications for larger grants should incorporate training into the project plan to ensure that the project also aims to develop the science communication skills of everyone involved, including early career physiologists; funds can be included in the budget for this purpose. 

Priority will be given to applicants with projects aiming to reach 16-25 year olds as part of their target audience.

Those applying for grants of >£500 should ensure that their project results in a publication and/or resource for the benefit of other members of The Society.

Applications for grants of >£500 should detail an embedded mechanism of evaluation for the project.


What won't be funded?

  • Applications asking for contributions to a larger scale project already funded by another organisation or organisations.
  • Projects that do not aim to incorporate Society members.
  • Applications that do not give a detailed breakdown of the project budget. 
  • Applications for grants of >£500 where applicants have been previously awarded >£500 by The Society within two years of the submission deadline. This may be reconsidered if the aims of the project have significantly changed.

Full details and to apply