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Legacy Awards allow the holders of previous STFC public engagement awards to apply for funding to continue their programmes, and evolve those programmes based on learning and evaluation. To be awarded a Legacy Award, an applicant will have to demonstrate both the success of their original engagement programme, and evidence that success via good-quality evaluation.

Legacy Awards may be used for the continuation of STFC Small Awards, Large Awards, Spark Awards, and Nucleus Awards. To be eligible, the original grant upon which the Legacy Award is building must have ended less than 36 months before the current Legacy Award call closing date.

The Legacy Award programme of work proposed should be clearly linked to the original grant. Any evolution or changes to the activities in the original project must be justified using the learning and evaluation from the original grant. Although not compulsory, the applicant(s) may wish to propose new activities that are considered necessary to strengthen the engagement practice, community networks, or training opportunities initiated in the original grant.

The maximum value that may be sought for a Legacy Award varies according to whether an applicant is applying for their first or second Legacy Award related to an original grant.

Unlike other STFC public engagement grants, it is a requirement a Legacy Award application that project partners will support the delivery of the project. STFC will only provide a proportion of the total cost of the Legacy Award – the remaining support must be secured via cash and/or in-kind contributions from project partners. STFC will support up to 50% of a first Legacy Award, and 25% of a second Legacy Award.

Deadline is 4pm 20 Feb.

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