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This funding is for anyone with a great idea for engaging the public in conversations about health-related science and research.

Wellcome are changing this scheme as of 5 March 2018. You can apply to the current scheme up until 17:00 (GMT) on 28 February 2018.

Full information and apply

The changes, that will take effect from May include:

  • Introducing quarterly deadlines.
  • Increasing the minimum amount we award to £25,000.
  • The criteria will change to reflect our new outcomes-led approach. Proposals will be expected to address at least one of Wellcome's three key aims to; empower people, so that more people can access, use, respond to and participate in health research and innovation; improve health research by making it more people-centred, understanding people’s experience and drawing on that knowledge; help people value and think critically about science, health research, innovation and the role these play in society.