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This fund provides from £2,000 to £250,000 to enable individuals and organisations to use creative approaches in engaging the public with health research.

Wellcome are offering a fund for projects costing £25k to £250k to enable individuals and organisations to use creative approaches in engaging the public with health research.

Projects need to support Wellcome's Public Engagement goals, so it should do at least one of the following:

  • empower people by helping them to access, use, respond to, and/or participate in health research and innovation
  • improve health research by making it more people-centred, to better understand people’s experiences and draw on that knowledge 
  • help people to value and think critically about science, health research, innovation and the role these play in society.

To be successful, your project must also do one of the following:

  • innovate or try new ways of working
  • develop an existing activity where you have evidence that it has been successful, either by exploring ways to make it sustainable or by scaling it up in a cost-effective manner
  • learn from a successful engagement activity delivered by you or others, and replicate it with a new audience, eg a different demographic or location.

Projects can take place in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and East Asia and Pacific.

Wellcome are especially interested in work which promotes diversity and inclusion, and engages people and communities who are affected by social and economic disadvantage. This work can sit within a wider project or be its main focus. 


In your proposal, you must include:

  • the main outcomes you want to achieve during the project, the outputs(activities) you’ll undertake, and any longer-term impacts you hope your project will have
  • the people you want to reach, and why you want to work with them 
  • previous activities, knowledge or learning that your proposal will build on 
  • an outline plan of how you will deliver the project
  • how you’ll track if your project has been successful in achieving its outcomes 
  • how you’ll share what you’ve learned.

For more information, read Public Engagement Fund: what good proposals look like [PDF 371KB]



For further details and to apply, visit Wellcome's website.

Deadline: 26 March 2019 


This is a recurring fund with deadlines throughout the year. 

You can also watch our Facebook Q&A recordings:


You can’t apply if your proposed project is about: 

  • delivering health interventions with primarily therapeutic purposes
  • running or promoting health campaigns
  • providing health information
  • telling people what to do rather than enabling them to make their own decisions
  • academic research (unless it’s integral to the project’s development, eg action research, or evaluation within the project)
  • engagement activities that are essential to carrying out a health research project/programme in an ethical way, eg consulting with community advisory panels or communicating research findings to research participants.

Wellcome also offers funding for projects between £250,000 and £3 million.

To request a grant of over £250,000, email an expression of interest to This email address is only for expressions of interest. Wellcome will not answer any other queries. 

You must use the following structure:

  • your name (and job title if relevant) as primary contact
  • the name of your organisation
  • the amount you want, over what period of time
  • why your team is the right one to deliver the project, including the expert(s) you plan to work with (in a maximum of 200 words)
  • what you want to achieve, where, and how it fits with what we’re looking for (in a maximum of 400 words).  

Wellcome will consider these proposals throughout the year, so you can email your expression of interest to them at any time. Wellcome aim to reply to all expressions of interest within a month. If they're interested in your proposed project, they will ask you to provide more information before they make a decision.