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Booking is now open for the If-Oxford, an annual science and ideas festival organised by the charity Oxfordshire Science Festival. It's the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy yourself and entertain the family, but also to explore a wealth of public engagement - right on your doorstep.

The festival takes place from October 12 to October 22, in various locations around the city.

Here's just some highlights and ideas of things to get inspiration from:

  • Go see a humorous play about developments in psychology and neuroscience (13 October)
  • Take the journey of sunlight with a dance performance (13 October)
  • Go look at some hands-on activities on Broad Street (12 October) and at Templars Square shopping centre - including the chance to help write a song about research (20 October)
  • Get immersed in a murder mystery with CSI Oxford (15 October)
  • Explore the Physics department (16 October)
  • Drink up some science with this botany-filled gin distillery tour (16 October)
  • See science in art: genetics presented as interesting prints (Exhibition at University Church), an interactive exhibition about the brain (The Barn, St John's College)
  • Hear a science as told in a tale (19 Oct), a book (12 Oct) or as poetry (13 Oct)
  • Check out a themed day inspired by the movie Black Panther, where Wakanda comes to Blackbird Leys (October 22)

 The University of Oxford is principle supporter of the festival.