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Covid restrictions mean that the festival isn't happening exactly the same as it has in the past, but there are still opportunities to contribute to this seasonal celebration, including sharing online resources for families to create something illuminated at home, or displaying something illuminated in a window.

Oxford's Christmas Light Festival will take place 20-22 November this year, and is a festival of arts, culture and community. 

Last year we took a giant, interactive version of the Galaxy Zoo to the Christmas Light Festival and usually it involves a lantern procession, illuminated art works and more.

This year in-person activities may be off the menu, but there's still some creative ways you could turn your research into illuminating engagement opportunities.

In particular the festival are welcoming contributions, such as:

  • Do you have an online resource that could help people at home create and make something illuminated? (to give you an idea…we will shortly be uploading resources such as: make a lantern, create an illuminated window, how to programme some LED lights, paint with light in photography, make your own projector using your smart phone etc). Get in touch with our creative producer Anya Fox if you have an idea
  • Does your organisation want to create something illuminated that can be displayed outside or in a window that can be seen from the street? If so you could pin your street to our local light trail map by registering through our website

Perhaps you could figure out how to turn your favourite molecule into a lantern? Or perhaps you have experiments or demos using items from around the house that relate to light or involve something lighting up?

Get creative and get involved!


If you have any other suggestions then the organisers would love to hear from you, so get in touch for more info.