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Are you a PhD graduate who wants to help a young person realise their academic potential?

The Brilliant Club is a charity that aims to increase access to highly selective Universities. 

The Brilliant Club seeks to mobilise the PhD community to engage with state schools and support talented pupils from under-represented backgrounds to progress to highly-selective universities. To do this, they deliver two programmes: The Scholars Programme and Researchers in Schools.

The Scholars Programme employs doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on a part-time basis to deliver programmes of academic enrichment to small groups of pupils. Through a combination of university trips, in-school tutorials and online resources, pupils aged 10-18 are supported to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition needed to progress to highly-selective universities. 

In addition to this they also run the 'Researchers in Schools' programme, which offers a bespoke route for PhD graduates to enter the teaching profession as full-time classroom teachers. Working in partnership with other providers, we offer a programme of initial teacher training and on-going professional development that equips participants to utilise their academic expertise to the benefit of pupils, schools and universities.

For students and ECRs interested in supporting the programme or considering careers outside academia, this is an excellent opportunity, benefits include:

  • Develop teaching experience and other employability skills
  • Receive high-quality training in teaching pedagogy
  • Enhance your knowledge of the UK education system
  • Disseminate your research to a unique, non-expert audience
  • Join a community of like-minded researchers across the UK
  • Have the choice of how many placements you’d like to take part in, getting paid £500 per placement 

Read the 'For Researchers' Brochure and visit the Brilliant Club website for more info and to sign up.