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A new University of Oxford Seed Funded project is looking to combine research and games, successfully piloted at the Curiosity Carnival, at the Weston Library.

Here's the request from Dr Sean Elias who is leading the project:

We are looking to develop a series of ‘Board Game Café’ events where members of the public can come and play short, themed board games, each hosted by a different researcher who uses the game to highlight their academic research. We want to put together a team of enthusiastic researchers who are keen to develop their own games or adapt existing commercially available games for this purpose.  We will hold regular game development workshops to help bring the games from concept to table and link together researchers from across the University with similar interests and ideas.

The idea was trialled at the Curiosity Carnival in September 2017 to great success and was a big hit with families. We initially hope to organise an event with a Medical Science theme, targeting School aged children and families and then move on to events with broader research themes and inclusive of students and adults too. This is a great opportunity to improve your public engagement skills using an increasingly popular medium and most importantly have fun whilst you do so.

If you are interested in joining the team please contact for more information.













Sean Elias at the Curiosity Carnival.