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Are you an academic, researcher or PhD candidate conducting a study that could be turned into a long-form story?

The Conversation UK’s Insights team is offering a new training session in long-form feature writing.

The Insights section publishes long reads of up to 4,000 words. These typically combine new investigative research with powerful narratives that grab readers’ attention while hearing from new and under-represented voices. Insights articles may also tell the inside story of a research journey, including personal ups-and-downs.

Date: 5 July, 2022 10:30- 12:30, Online.

This training session will cover:

  • How to pitch, plan and structure your outline.
  • Building a compelling narrative.
  • Using first-person accounts to make your story come alive.
  • How to co-write long reads with other authors more effectively.

Benefits of attending

  • Meet one of The Conversation’s Investigations Editors and learn how we commission long-form articles.
  • Understand what makes a successful long-form feature.
  • Come away with tools to pitch, plan and write long-form articles.
  • Receive feedback from The Conversation’s Investigations Editors on your research and story ideas.

NOTE: You should already have done The Conversation’s general training session, and have a clear idea for a long read based on your current research.

Click here to Register via Eventbrite