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The call for expressions of interest to participate in IF Oxford 2019 is now open!

IF Oxford is an annual science and ideas festival organised by the charity Oxfordshire Science Festival. Their mission is to offer a range of events and activity, inspire and support people of all ages and backgrounds to access ideas from research and innovation for the encouragement and exploration of individual and global potential.

The Festival will take place in venues across Oxford from 18 – 28 October 2019.

You can take part in one of several Festival Zones with a hands-on activity or if you have an idea for another type of event, e.g., a talk, panel discussion, tour, performance or exhibition. The team are keen to hear any and all ideas, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can see last year's programme here and read the report here.

If you have any questions, firstly check out our FAQs page , and if you can’t get an answer there, or contact Cathy Rose.