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The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) are welcoming entries to the Photo Competition, 'Images of Public Engagement' as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations. This is a chance to share inspiring engagement activities, culture change initiatives, and the people involved in public engagement.

They want to capture the breadth of fantastic public engagement work taking place throughout UK universities. From collaborative research to culture change, our image competition offers the opportunity to celebrate and share what public engagement means to you.

Prizes include tickets to the Engage conference, and photography and arts materials.

Basically anyone in or working with Universities are welcome to enter under three categories:

  • Engagement
  • People
  • Culture Change

To apply you need to submit and image, with a title and description. Images can include photography, drawing or something created digitally - either directly from engagement work, or a more abstract interpretation. 

Judging criteria is:

  • Image: creates a visual impact, stimulating a response in the viewer
  • Title and description: offers a compelling account of the significance of the image in the context of public engagement in higher education
  • Category fit: illuminates the category in a meaningful way

Deadline is 16 July.

To read full details and enter, visit their webpage.