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EPSRC is offering a 'Public Affairs and Media Training' opportunity for EPSRC-supported researchers. This opportunity is open to researchers who are interested in policy and evidence based decision making and keen to acquire new communications skills. Any applicant who considers they would benefit from this training, and is supported by EPSRC, is eligible to apply. Following the training applicants will join the RISE cohort and become RISE Connectors. The expectation is that our new RISEConnectors will use their training to make up to five new connections (policy makers, parliamentarians, industry, and academics) which will inform new audiences and act as advocates for EPS.


Full information and application


RISE: Making Connections will:

  • Provide the opportunity for EPSRC researchers to make connections across a range of Stakeholders to help promote EPS to a wider audience
  • Support individuals in maximising their potential and making their own connections
  • Provide political awareness training and media training

Being part of RISE: Making Connections will provide participants with:

  • 15 training places. The training will take place on either 28 and 29 November or 5 and 6 December 2018, in London. Please ensure you are available on these dates before applying.
  • Support in making their own connections
  • Policy and media training
  • An opportunity to meet with other stakeholders in EPS

Successful applicants will:

  • use their training to make up to five new connections (policy makers, parliamentarians, industry, academics) which will inform new audiences and act as advocates for EPS
  • Demonstrate excellent communications and interpersonal skills and aspire to develop these across a broad audience

Applicants must show the potential and aptitude to act as advocates for Engineering and Physical Sciences and/or a particular field of research. They must also demonstrate excellent communications and interpersonal skills and aspire to develop and apply these, in particular, to government and parliament audiences. All applications should be submitted through the University Research Office and must include the EPS grant reference number through which they receive support.

Successful applicants will receive Public Affairs training which will cover Academic Research in Parliament and Engaging with Select Committees. The Media Training will include presenting evidence to a parliamentary select committee, networking with potential industrial and academic partners, and engaging with the public. Details of further activities to take place subsequent to the training will be provided following shortlisting.

Those applicants who are not shortlisted will receive feedback and information on where they may further their interest in public affairs.