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The Knowledge Exchange (KE) Seed Fund offers up to £5k to support Knowledge Exchange activities and projects - including with the public.

This Seed Fund is an internal grant scheme to support Knowledge Exchange activities and projects, including involving the public - with relevant individuals and groups.

Projects are usually in the range of £2-4k but you can apply for up to £5k.

Funds can be requested to develop or pilot new, innovative, early-stage Knowledge Exchange activity. Research England defines KE as the 'collaborative, creative endeavour that translates knowledge and research into impact in society and the economy'.

This could include (but is not limited to) starting new or developing KE activities as part of a research project, facilitating the exploration of needs and ideas with non-HEI partners to explore potential for future KE activities, holding workshops and seminars with the intention of developing more extensive KE plans for funding bids, supporting the development of KE activities by doctoral research students, or producing a case study to capture the practice and value of a KE activity.

Applications from those new to or experienced in Knowledge Exchange activity are equally welcome.

Staff at the University of Oxford are eligible to apply. Principal applicants do not have to hold an academic or research post.

Note, Students are not eligible to be a principal applicant, but maybe co-applicants; The award is open to Oxford University Innovation staff; College-only post-holders may not be principal applicants.

Successful projects are anticipated to be notified w/c 28 March, 2022.  All projects must complete by 30 June 2022.

Selection criteria

  • The aims of the project and the potential societal or economic benefits to the researchers, external collaborators and beneficiaries.
  • The potential to continue related activity beyond the scope and duration of the planned activity.
  • Clear evidence of partnerships with external parties which have the potential to develop into longer-term collaborations.
  • Matched funding from external organisations.
  • The justification for the costs and value for money.
  • The project’s potential legacy which may include one of the following: Potential to contribute to future impact case studies for statutory University returns such as the REF, KEF or HEB-CI reporting; To serve as a best practice case study for KE Activity; Building staff capacity for KE projects.

Applications should be made via IRAMS by noon, Weds 16 March.


Click here for full details and to apply