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The American Association for the Advancement of Science invites nominations for the Mani L Bhaumik award for public engagement with science. This recognises contributions to public engagement with science.

Nominees must be individual scientists or engineers. Nominations may be submitted by individuals, universities, government agencies, media, research organisations or AAAS affiliate organisations. Self-nominations are not permitted. 

The award includes USD 5,000, complimentary registration and travel and accommodation reimbursement to attend the association’s annual meeting.

Public engagement activities emphasise dialogue with various publics and often result from a public interaction or request or need. Specifically, these activities are defined as the individual’s active participation in efforts to engage with the public on science- and technology-related issues and promote meaningful exchanges between science and society, as highlighted here.

Visit the awards nomination site from February 15 through August 1, 2019, to nominate a scientist. Inquiries may be directed to the Center for Public Engagement with Science and Technology.


  • Nominations may be made by individuals, universities, government agencies, media, research organisations, and AAAS affiliate organisations.
  • Editors from publishing houses may only offer one nomination.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • Prior nomination does not exclude a nominee applying in subsequent years. Re-nomination is encouraged.
  • Nominees must be individual scientists or engineers. Groups or institutions will not be considered for this award.
  • AAAS employees are ineligible.
  • Eligible nominees include active or retired scientists and engineers from all disciplines who have contributed substantially to the public's engagement with science or technology. Public engagement activities must be above and beyond job responsibilities.
  • Nominees considered “early career” may be eligible for the AAAS Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science.  Early career is defined as an individual who has completed their terminal degree within seven years of the deadline for nominations.