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This interactive session designed for beginners takes you through techniques for doing interviews on live or pre-recorded media.

This one day, practical, hands-on course will introduce you to valuable techniques to help you with being interviewed, for print, radio and television. Learn how to present yourself, prepare for questions, handle live and pre-recorded interviews, deal with tricky situations, and deliver your messages. Note: You should be prepared to conduct interviews and give interviews as part of the hands-on element of the course. The interviews will be recorded in Teams and shared with the course participants.

Intended Audience

Anyone who may need to give pre-recorded or live interviews to the media on TV, radio or online or who needs to interview colleagues and others when creating a podcast or video.



Digital Capabilities

Digital communication, collaboration and participation


In-person presentation with role-play exercises



  • Familiarise yourself with different interview styles
  • Anticipate and answer difficult questions
  • Structure and deliver your message coherently
  • Learn the value of non-verbal communication
  • Study pre- and post-interview etiquette
  • Develop and utilise interview techniques with a professional


Course Date

Day/date        Start/end time        Location    

Tue, 13 Dec 22    09:30 -  16:30hrs        Thames Suite, IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, Oxon, OX2 6NN


£72 Staff / £36 Students


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