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MRC and Medical Research Foundation offer up to £10,000 to those working in MRC research institutes, units and centres to support the piloting of new activities and take advantage of unexpected engagement opportunities. Please note this seed fund will be closed after this deadline as MRC reviews and reshapes its engagement support.

Medical Research Council (MRC) and Medical Research Foundation (MRF) funded scientists are encouraged to participate in engagement activities. Sharing research work with the public who fund it and the wider world is a crucial part of the MRC mission.

This scheme is open to all MRC and MRF funded researchers and those working in MRC research institutes, units and centres. Their aim is to support the piloting of new activities and/or to take advantage of unexpected engagement opportunities. Applications are typically for between a few hundred and £5,000, with a maximum limit of £10,000.

They will prioritise funding for activities which support the scheme aims to:

•     Build capacity and skills within our scientists and inspire the next generation.

•     Build trust and break down barriers between researchers and society.

•     Improve research, inform and influence policy.

•     Respond to a societal need.

The criteria they consider when reviewing applications are:

•     Whether the project fits with the aims of this fund (see above).

•     Whether the project can realistically be delivered within proposed cost and time constraints.

•     The sustainability and long-term effects of the activities.

•     Whether the project represents good value for money.

Please note that as part of MRC's public involvement and engagement strategy development, they will be closing this seed fund to allow them to review and explore alternative funding mechanisms.

The deadline for final applications to the current scheme is 24 January 2023.

Click here for full details and to apply