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Grants of up to £5,000 are available to support relevant science teaching or promotion initiatives, or to support developments likely to lead to an improvement in the teaching of any aspect of microbiology.

Grants are available to members of the Microbiology Society. Grants are also available to members working in schools (e.g., technicians and teachers) if you have partners who might like to apply.

Activities as part of organisation open days or UCAS days will not be eligible for funding.

For researchers:


A variety of educational outreach activities to promote public engagement with microbiology will be considered for support. These might include:

  • Talks, workshops, demonstrations, posters, leaflets, broadcasts, activities at science festivals and audio-visual or computer-based packages.
  • Activities that take place as part of a National Science and Engineering Week event at the applicant's place of work

Applications relevant to the teaching of any aspect of microbiology in primary, secondary or tertiary (including postgraduate) education will be considered. Examples of education activities that might be funded include:

  • Provision teaching materials (e.g. videos, slides, posters); the development of reliable novel practical exercises; new approaches to teaching/learning familiar concepts (e.g. computer simulations or tutorials); or any other appropriate aspect. It is not intended that the grant should subsidise normal departmental teaching practices; the Society wishes to encourage innovation.

Funds may be used for the purchase of consumable materials, but not capital equipment (i.e. core equipment over £5,000 in value). Funds may also be used to provide payment to a student providing short-term assistance in the development of the activity (e.g. vacation employment of an undergraduate, or exceptionally a postgraduate after expiry of studentship).

For full details and to apply visit their website

Deadline for applications is 19 April via the online form.

Another round of grants takes place in October.