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The annual MPLS Impact Awards, which includes a Public Engagement with Research category, aims to foster and raise awareness of impact by rewarding it at a local level, and preparing the ground for the impact case studies that will be needed for future REF and similar exercises. Nomination of researchers at all career stages are welcomed.

Awards are presented at a MPLS event (details to be confirmed), with a pay award of £1,000 (minus taxes) made to the individual. 

 In 2020-21 there are four categories of award:

  1. Commercial Impact: To recognise researchers at any career stage for research that has had significant commercial/economic impact since 1 August 2016.
  2. Social Impact: To recognise researchers at any career stage for research that has had significant social impact since 1 August 2016.
  3. Early Career Impact: To recognise Early Career Researchers’ independent engagement with external organisations or end-users, as laying the foundations for future impactful research in social or commercial category.
  4. Public Engagement with Research Impact: To recognise researchers at any career stage who have achieved significant impact since 1 August 2016 through high-quality public engagement with research activities.

Full details and how to nominate can be found on the MPLS Impact Award pages here.

2020 MPLS Impact Award winners